Management Tools

Powerful management tools

Creating and launching an eCommerce website is only half the battle. Once your website is live, you need to make sure that product data, imagery and pricing all stay up-to-date. Not only that, but you need to make sure that as products are discontinued or new vehicles are released, you are sourcing this new data and loading it into your website. This can easily become a full-time job.

With AutoCommerce we have worked hard to make sure that as much of this is handled for you as possible. We provide direct data feeds for all the products we carry and we make sure that these products are up-to-date within the system without any effort on your end. Additionally, we give you tools to perform most of the common management tasks quickly and easily.

Create pricing rules that will automatically update pricing as industry costs change
Select which brands you want to show on your website with the click of a button
Update basic branding with a few clicks
Select which brands you want to show on your website with the click of a button
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Setup is easy and we take care of most of it for you. The rest is quickly and easily accessible via our management portal. Easily update your logo and theme color.


Manage Pricing

Typically, pricing is management through imports and exports of flat pricing files that tell a website what price to list for each product. In some cases, this can be a manual process, that involves hours of reviewing and updated spreadsheets whenever pricing is adjusted.

To combat this, AutoCommerce uses powerful pricing rules which you can manage yourself. Simply specify which products are effected by each rule and exactly how pricing should be calculated for those products. For example, you could have a rule with the following logic:

For Bridgestone winter tires apply a 10% markdown from MSRP

The benefit of rule based pricing is that as the base price changes, the pricing will automatically recalculate nightly to incorporate those changes. 

Manage Products

Managing products within AutoCommerce is easy. Simply login to your dashboard and turn on any of the brands from the list. Each night, a full product sync will take place and all the brands you have selected will be available as products within your eCommerce site.

Access to hundreds of wheel brands
Includes product specifications and fitment information
Photography and visualization available for most brands